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3 Tips to Discover Your Purpose and Strengthen Your Resilience

by Michelle Atlas, Certified Resiliency Facilitator

I bet you're no stranger to the resistance and fatigue that shows up when you spend time working at tasks or fulfilling responsibilities that are not your forte. When we invest in activities that are out of alignment with our natural strengths and passions, we whittle away at our core well-being, self-confidence and inspiration. We compromise our capacity to navigate life's challenges and changes with grace and ease, and chip away at our resilience.

Some people think that their purpose is the right job. Others think that it is some mysterious trait, skill or characteristic, that only a chosen few are blessed to have revealed. Fortunately, the process of discovering our purpose is not so cryptic. The good news is that our purpose has most likely been within us, like a personal code, from very early on. It's something that the natural course of our life (for better or worse) has been evolving and preparing us to express all along.

In my own case, I have had many difficult and painful experiences at different points in my life. Because I was intrinsically drawn to healing and transformation from a very young age (personal code), I used my difficulties to develop and hone my ability to heal and transform myself. As I matured, a unique synthesis of my life experiences, training, self -study and wisdom emerged as my purpose, or my soul work, which I now offer transformational resilience coach and trainer with great inspiration and joy.

Your purpose will not necessarily be linked to difficulties. I have a friend who thrives by keeping her family organized. Once her children were no longer babies, she was called to launch her own business as a professional organizer. Because her passion is infectious, her clients are able to not only better organize their homes and businesses, but experience transformation regarding the whole process of order and clarity in their lives. The man who painted another friend's house is a career painter. After 25+ years, he is still so passionate about house painting that, without any painting expertise, I can literally see the difference in the exteriors that he has done.

Your cues can always be found in the moments that you feel most yourself, at your optimal level of functioning, when you are being the most resilient and vibrant version of you.

Your Roadmap

  1. Your purpose is not a job, it is the very best of who you are, and what you are capable of, in full self-expression.
  2. You know you are expressing your purpose when you feel most vital, most joyful, most impactful and most generous.
  3. You are most likely expressing your purpose when you are expressing the best of what you have learned through your own unique life's journey.

So where have you become an expert from the inside out? And when are those moments when you feel at your very best, when everything is right in your world? There is no doubt that the more time you spend cultivating and sharing your natural gifts (your purpose), the more resilient you will become. When we know our purpose, we naturally magnetize opportunities to express it. And when we express our purpose, we not only benefit ourselves, we contribute significantly to the greater good of the world.

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Michelle Atlas

Michelle Atlas, is an ICF Credentialed Coach, a Newfield Certified Coach and a Certified Resiliency Facilitator with over 20 years of experience helping people successfully navigate transition and stand in their value, so they can live lives that reflect what they care about most. With clients including the US Military, the Food & Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health and many private individuals, she is recognized for her ability to help people strengthen their innate resilience and bring their heartfelt desires to fruition in the domains of work, relationships and money. © Al Siebert Resiliency Center
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