Why Trust Change? 5 Tips for Safe Passage

By Michelle Atlas, Certified Resiliency Facilitator


"In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you." ~ Buddha

It seems, as we enter midlife (which I consider anywhere between approximately 40 and 65) we may find ourselves faced with any number of highly sobering challenges, personally or professionally. Perhaps it's the first time you've experienced the death of a loved one, a radical job change or a sudden and unexpected shift in circumstance that leaves you re-assessing your values, life direction and what matters most to you.

The challenge

When unanticipated changes come down the pike, we may find ourselves flooded with any number of challenging emotions including fear, anger, numbness, sadness, frustration, resentment.

The good news

Science tells us that although our first response may be to resist change, we are absolutely, innately hardwired to grow stronger and more life-competent through change and challenge!

The opportunity

It is in our capacity to trust into the unknown, "the land of I don't know,"during tough times, that the greatest potential to shift the way we see and experience our lives exists. By refraining from bandaging our wounds with quick fixes, we allow our mind, our heart and our body to re-pattern and reorganize itself around values and goals that will support us in achieving our next level of excellence in life.

The mindset

Science also tells us, that the inherent potential to use your greatest hardship to become your best self, must be self-directed. The first step in creating the life or the workplace we desire is shifting from a victim mindset to one of proactive self-compassion and self-accountability. There are many proven practices and strategies to help us journey from hardship, through the unknown and toward the multitude of new possibilities that await us.

5 tips for safe passage:

Michelle Atlas, is an ICF Credentialed Coach, a Newfield Certified Coach and a Certified Resiliency Facilitator with over 20 years of experience helping people successfully navigate transition and stand in their value, so they can live lives that reflect what they care about most. With clients including the US Military, the Food & Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health and many private individuals, she is recognized for her ability to help people strengthen their innate resilience and bring their heartfelt desires to fruition in the domains of work, relationships and money.