ASRC Board Retreat 2014


Retreat Participants Photo: Glen, Kristin, Molly, Claudia and Michelle (on screen)
Retreat Participants: Glen, Kristin, Molly, Claudia and Michelle (on screen)

Quantum Assessment review session
Quantum Assessment review session: Claudia, Glen and Molly

Claudia connecting with Michelle
Claudia connecting with Michelle

Haystack Rock view from house in Cannon Beach
Our view of Haystack Rock

On the weekend of March 21-23, ASRC Director Molly Siebert gathered the ASRC Board and invited Resilitators and others to attend a weekend retreat in the Oregon coastal town of Cannon Beach. The purpose was to jump start some long-term planning for the ASRC. We had five participants, four on-site—Director Molly Siebert, Lead Resilitator Glen Fahs, Resilitator Claudia Riecken from Brazil, and Al's niece and longtime assistant Kristin Pintarich—plus one participating via video conference: Michelle Atlas in New York.

The questions put forth by Molly included:

  1. What is ASRC’s mission statement?
  2. How would you describe the purpose of ASRC and the team? (Core Values/Principles)
  3. What goals and objectives do you envision for ASRC and the team?
  4. How will we know these are accomplished?
  5. What are our strengths and significant events
  6. Actions/tasks to take to improve. (Action Pan.)
  7. What relationships to create?
  8. How to build agreements/trust?
  9. List your top two needs from ASRC.
  10. What is our 5-year Vision plan?

Good progress was made on five of the ten items (see bolded items). Items not discussed will be revisited in the future. Participants also took the Quantum Assessment that Claudia developed and spent time discussing their results. (Choose the US flag at the top of the page for the English version of the website)

Action Plan

Some items for our action plan include:

  • Develop additional online "tools" for public usage, including the Quantum Assessment
  • Double the number of newsletter subscribers
  • Market our center, Resilitators, and expertise
  • Grow our network
  • Reach out to organizations needing resiliency training

Mission Statement

After several rounds of discussion, we settled on:
Developing human resiliency around the world to master change, thrive under pressure and bounce back from setbacks

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