From Darkness to Diamonds

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by Michelle Atlas

Does the word BREAKDOWN scare you?

There are two kinds of breakdown.

  1. You catalyze a shift because you from are called from deep within to create something greater.
    Think choosing to divorce, leaving a job to start your own business, moving to a new city or buying a home.


  2. You experience an unexpected loss or change that appears to come from outside of you and you are thrust into uncharted territory
    Think the death of a loved one, an unexpected diagnosis, a shocking relationship ending or sudden job loss, a natural disaster.

The mind will always grasp at the predictable.

The problem is, when all our energy is focused on keeping things the way they are, nothing grows!


Being lowered down into a deep, dark mine. You're going down.

There is an interruption of "The way things are."

You can't see where you're going! It's frightening and mysterious.

What are you going to discover in this darkness?

Your psyche is roaring with resistance! Everything is coming apart.

Yet as you descend, within the deepest darkness, you notice what appears to be the glimmer of DIAMONDS.

Each magnificent, sparkling gem begins to speak to you.

You recognize that these diamonds are pieces of you that got lost in the foray of striving, pleasing, sacrificing and a long list of "shoulds" that were never yours.

As you reach out to reclaim these radiant pieces of yourself, one by one, the diamonds fill you with so much light, that your very existence illuminates the darkness.

You have allowed your loss to strip you of everything that is no longer you and reveal your soft, radiant, undefended heart.

You're ready to infuse your work, relationships and life with your unique truth, the special recipe of gifts that only you can give.

The Invitation

Want to Learn How to Shine in the Dark?

Whether change has arrived as an unanticipated external event, such as a job loss, a relationship ending, a death, illness, or natural disaster, or you are heeding a call from deep within to create a change, this course will help you mine the diamonds in the darkness, so you can use tough times as a gateway to a richer, more meaningful and ultimately vibrant life.

Join Michelle Atlas to Explore:

  • What resilience is, and how to move from surviving to thriving
  • The value of pain and what happens when we do not grieve
  • The five levels of resilience
  • The power of faith, curiosity, embodiment and self-love to transfigure us through tough times, beyond anything we could imagine

Registration Ends January 6, 2020

Learn More and Register Here

You can join live or via livestream.

If you have questions, reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michelle Atlas
Michelle Atlas

I hope to meet you there. Michelle

Meet Michelle Atlas

Michelle Atlas empowers people to free themselves of everything that is not them and reclaim their self-trust and intuition, so they can use life's passages to create change they never thought possible. Through multiple traumas and a lifetime commitment to healing, transformation, and spirituality, Michelle has learned firsthand how to use every experience as an asset. As a coach, speaker, and writer, she brings a rare depth and presence. Michelle is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and Mentor Coach, a certified resiliency facilitator, and resiliency certification mentor, a Newfield Certified Coach, a Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach, and a wedding and sacred ceremony officiant. She coaches and speaks internationally on the psychology of money and living resiliently. © Al Siebert Resiliency Center
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