Our BRASILIENT* Adventure

Summary of QHRS 2018

By Kristin Pintarich

View the Highlight VideoBrasilient 5 - Kristin, Claudia, Glen, Michelle, Molly

The 2018 Quantum House Resiliency Summit was an inspiring inaugural event showcasing some of the most progressive international thinkers. Claudia Riecken brought together speakers from Brazil, UK, Macedonia, Mexico, USA, and more.

Each day was filled with speakers, connections, information, and music. (View the highlights video! [about 3 min. long]) The days were long, but we heard no complaints as the topics covered were relevant and beneficial. Day one was focused on self-resiliency, featuring our own Glen Fahs discussing the 5 Levels of Resiliency. Additional speakers included Taty Ades, a Brazilian psychoanalyst, Samanta Bullock, a wheelchair model from the UK who doesn't let her disability stop her, and Brazilian Leandro Heck Gemeo, PhD, who discussed BioConnection and BioMetaphysics. Tom Cau gave us a preview of his trans-generational stress memory philosophy and breathing method, and Claudia finished the evening by continuing on her topic of the Quantum Method (translated) and 14 attacks of the internal critic.

Day two welcomed speakers focusing more on interpersonal resiliency. We heard from Dr. Milton Moura, a cardiologist and neuroscientist by training, who spoke on neuroplasticity and resilience and how 90% of what you think is brought forward to the next day. Ricardo Trajano told of his remarkable sole survival of an airliner crash, and Wellington Noguiera added some levity with his Play2Flow philosophy. Maria "Maru" Eugenia García Casabianca followed that by talking about Smart Families, Resilient Families and showed us how to stop, stand, and attend to your own body's position in order to make a decision. After our evening break, we heard from Luiz Mateus Pacheco who shared some insight for dealing with narcissists.

The final day was all about resiliency in your life and career. First up was Sam Vaknin, an admitted narcissist, who gave the participants a view from the inside of what a narcissist experiences (see Glen's article for more on this). His wife, Lidija Rangelovska, provided an intimate perspective of what it's like living with a narcissist. Claudia spent some time discussing the Quantum Map that results from taking the Quantum Assessment. As the conference was winding down, our own Michelle Atlas struck a chord with the audience with her insight about how your money attitude manifests itself in many unexpected ways.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to extend my stay and with that, attended a second gathering, Sam Vaknin's Cold Therapy seminar. It was a five day intensive training on narcissism and a novel, yet purportedly effective, therapeutic cure that combines elements of already existing psychotherapies. While I will likely never practice the skills, the mental awareness of the effects and behaviors of narcissists was mind-opening.

It was not all work and no play. We did get to do some sight seeing in São Paulo. The Museum of Art São Paulo (MASP) and Ibirapuera Park were two highlights for me. We experienced the wonderful food offerings, too. Being a vegetarian, my pre-impression of Brazil was that it was all about the beef. I was a bit concerned about feeding myself, but was pleasantly surprised by the cosmopolitan meat-free culinary offerings and welcoming attitude toward alternative diets.

* Thanks to Glen's clever thinking, we now have the word "Brasilient" in our lexicon.

I've posted some more photos here:
Brazil Photos - 2018
If you'd like to see more, ask and I'll provide you with another link.

Kristin is the youngest niece of Al Siebert and worked as his assistant for almost twenty years taking on any task of support Al may have needed, from processing book orders to designing web pages and most everything in between. In addition to her duties as consultant and ASRC board member, she continues to run the Practical Psychology Press, which Al Siebert founded in 1986 to offer his books and media for sale. She has become an accomplished editor and web and print graphic designer and prides herself in producing professional quality products that are user-friendly. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in communications and specifically, TV production.

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