Your #1 Most Important Resilience Mindset

by Michelle Atlas, Certified Resiliency Facilitator and Resiliency Facilitator Mentor

One of my favorite parts of my business, in addition to working directly with my coaching clients, is writing about principles that have changed my life, and can change yours. If you're a creative, spirit-driven person, you know it is crucial to spend time in inspiring, spirit-feeding activities. It's how you remember who you are, so you can keep expressing the real you and serving at the highest level.

Practicing what fosters your optimal well-being strengthens your resilience. Resilience enables us to gracefully navigate non-stop challenge and change. It is at the heart of the success of every thriving, creative human being.

I am a longtime student of resilience, having lived through my own share of losses and challenges, and as I am certified in the work of the late Al Siebert, PhD, and now certify others in his work as well. Of the many powerful resilience principles that have emerged, there are 3 that tell the story of how I and many of my clients have thrived through countless challenges in business and life.

Whether regarding money mastery, communication, relationships, well-being, business strategy, purpose... there is an goldmine of wisdom to be discovered, moment to moment from what I am calling the "3 Resilience Power Principles."

Here's the first:

"I am 100% responsible for how I experience my life."

What does this really mean?

You are committed to converting every life experience into an asset. We cannot always control external events, but we can always take responsibility for our response to them. You are willing to ask yourself, with brutal honesty, where you are, from"very much so" to "ever so slightly" holding someone, or something outside of yourself responsible for your finances, your well-being, your business, or communication.

It means that you own where you are co-creating an experience you do not want, and you begin to hold yourself compassionately accountable to create the change you do want.

This is the opposite of living as a victim. It's how we become the masters of our own destiny and begin to live a truly empowered life. It's how we create and receive the abundance that is our birthright.

When we hold anyone or anything responsible for our happiness, our fulfillment, our bank account ...we are living in a victim consciousness. This is the way to go nowhere fast.

How do you know?

When you hear yourself repeating the same story over and over again, about something that you wish were different. When you find yourself longing for something for days, months, years, while believing that it is unattainable for you.

What does 100% responsibility look like, feel like?

It is not for the faint of heart, however it is powerful, life-changing, empowering, liberating and highly creative! It means telling the truth to yourself, having courageous conversations, taking risks and chances to change your life and then experiencing your life actually changing!

Here is an example: I once experienced a flirtation with someone who worked in a grocery store. I got tired of experiencing the inappropriateness and limits of trying to get to know him in his workplace. I knew that he could never ask me out without risking his job. After months, and months, and months, I felt frustrated and disempowered and stuck. So I summoned my courage and asked him to have coffee with me. Within a matter of hours he was standing inside my house and we were going out to a wonderful restaurant for dinner. It felt like a miracle (or like Star Trek:)). It was simple. I owned what I wanted, took action consistent with that and created an entirely new reality. That's what 100% responsibility for communication looks like.

Start noticing.

100% self-responsibility is never self blame. It's the opposite. It's saying, my life is too precious and too important to spend one more moment feeling unworthy of my greatest potential and denying the world my gifts. It's knowing that life is happening for you, with you, through you, and not to you. And yes, it's saying stop fooling around.

When I quickly changed my reality, that day in the grocery store, I felt like a turbojet, energy coursing through me. It was one of those "I get it!" in my core moments. I knew then, that I could create anything.

"I am 100% responsible for how I experience my life."

Ask yourself

  • What would it look like if I take100% responsibility for my relationship with money?Then take just one, small, doable step.
  • What one missing conversation will I now take 100% responsibility for?
  • What one step will I take toward 100% responsibility for my well-being?

Hint: (Think self-forgiveness as a starting point. Self-forgiveness is a form of self-responsibility. It is the master key to the next level of freedom and self-expression for you, interesting right? More on that another time. :)).

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About: Michelle Atlas helps creative, spirit-centered, female entrepreneurs, own their true worth and become fully visible in their businesses and lives, so they can create wealth on their own terms. She also teaches US federal government leaders how to strengthen their resilience and mentors other coaches and trainers to become resiliency facilitators for the Al Siebert Resiliency Center. With a huge transformational toolbox and laser-focused intuition, she helps you discover courage you did not know you have, and create success you never thought possible, in finances, purpose, well-being and relationships. She is an ICF Credentialed Coach, a Newfield Certified Coach, a Certified Resiliency Facilitator, and a Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach. With a lifetime dedicated to her own growth and spirituality, Michelle loves helping you become the creator of your own destiny. © Al Siebert Resiliency Center
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