Cultural-Context Inventory

The Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication annually draws participants from across the globe. It is the awareness that different cultures have different social norms that will allow us to interact successfully with each other. A little bit of empathy toward people with other backgrounds goes a long way in breaking down barriers to intercultural communication.

The Cultural-Context Inventory, developed by Claire B. Halverson, has been used widely to help people assess their own tendencies toward high- or low-context cultural interactions. The Inventory helps a person recognize behaviors and attitudes that could be at odds with those around them. Knowledge of such can help you thoughtfully choose to act in any given situation in order to reach a goal or resolution.

We invite you to take the assessment as a PDF download or, online through an interactive form (courtesy the University of the Pacific) and discuss what your results mean to you (in our online forum) and how you can relate it to your own personal resiliency. © Al Siebert Resiliency Center
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