Spring 2015 - Kobe Bryant Understands Resiliency

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I was pleasantly surprised when my mother persuaded me to read an article in USA Today about basketball star, Kobe Bryant, and his documentary film Kobe Bryant's Muse. After I read it, I immediately wanted to share it with you. Here is one excerpt that I felt a connection to:

No matter one's walk in life, [Bryant] believes there's a simple formula to success: the curiosity that is so often sparked by muses comes first, followed by purpose, discovery and then growth.

"As you get older, you start to understand, you start to have a broader perspective and understand that there's greater growth to be had if you don't just hold onto the discovery itself. If you share that discovery, then you wind up having an influence. It's not saying, 'Do this or do that,' or 'My way is the right way.' The best way to do it is to say, 'This is how I got here. This is my journey.' And then leave it up to the viewer to interpret it however they see fit."
~Kobe Bryant

The philosophy of curiosity, purpose, discovery and growth in his formula for success is quite evident of a resilient mindset. This philosophy aligns with the first four levels of Resiliency (located at our website or in The Resiliency Advantage ) which lays the foundation for level 5, the highest level. At level 5, highly resilient people align rapidly to new realities or circumstances, calm and direct swirling energies, and allow themselves to influence events to reach good outcomes.

I was also struck by Bryant's gifted insight into the significance of sharing and the responsibility of influence to allow another person's mindset to create their own stepping stones for their own individual growth and unique journey, rather than imposing his way. It reminded me of Bernard of Chartres from the 1600s who was quoted to say:

"We [the Moderns] are like dwarves perched on the shoulders of giants [the Ancients], and thus we are able to see more and farther than the latter. And this is not at all because of the acuteness of our sight or the stature of our body, but because we are carried aloft and elevated by the magnitude of the giants."

I am very humbled by the shoulders of giants I am perched on that allow me to continue my own personal journey with curiosity, purpose, discovery and growth.

What thoughts come to your mind when you think of being perched on the shoulders of giants? Let's talk about it below.

Read the complete Kobe Bryant article in USA Today written by Sam Amick.

~ Molly Siebert, Director, Al Siebert Resiliency Center
My life sings of connections with life, spirit and you!"

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