Resiliency Roundtable: Thoughts on Bouncing Back

31 Jan 2014 19:15 - 06 May 2014 22:45 #3 by Moderator
Moderator created the topic: Resiliency Roundtable: Thoughts on Bouncing Back
Adversity, major disruptions, and trying circumstances affect everyone. Resilient people handle their feelings in healthy ways with an expectation to rebuild their disrupted lives in a new way to that works for them. This struggle to overcome adversity develops new strengths in them. In The Resiliency Advantage , Dr. Al Siebert speaks to resiliency-psychology research. He says, "The most empowering finding … is that you have an inborn predisposition to become resilient and change-proficient." Read the discussion thread between three of our Resilitators on concepts and ideas related to bouncing back and reply below.

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