Meta Resilience and the Experience of Adversity

by Paul Mooney, Doctoral Candidate, Middlesex University, London

Read the complete article (4 page PDF): "Meta Resilience and Experience of Adversity,”
by Paul Mooney


Transformational Burnout is the guided experience of embracing Burnout to release Resilience. The transformation that takes place is from an old perception of the self which is struggling with coping in the present, to a new realised self which has ample resources to relish the ups and downs of life. This process of change leads to transformational learning which allows one to access enhanced and transcendent leadership capabilities in a personal, group and organisational context. READ MORE...

Contributor Paul Mooney lives in Woodmead, Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a Social Entrepreneur, Thought Leader & Practitioner who speaks and teaches on Transformational Burnout, Personal Group & Organizational Resilience, Engagement, and Leadership
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