Developing a Culture of Resiliency - Key Elements

This past July, the ASRC had the privilege to be invited to present a session at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication. This conference, held annually at the Reed College campus in Portland, Oregon, draws participants from across the globe to build awareness of how different cultures with different social norms can interact successfully with each other.

Glen Fahs and Michelle Atlas embraced the task of presenting a day-long workshop, "Developing a Culture of Resiliency." From that, they developed a four-page summary document of the key elements that we're offering as a free gift to you, our Resiliency Reader subscribers! DOWNLOAD PDF HERE...

The ASRC will again be presenting a one-day workshop on "Cultivating Resiliency in Times of Nonstop Change" at the SIIC in 2015. View details. © Al Siebert Resiliency Center
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