Summer 2014 - Resiliency Workshop Roundup

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It is with a sense of achievement that I summarize my experience with the ASRC's one-day workshop session, "Developing a Culture of Resiliency," held recently during the 2014 Intercultural Communication Institute's Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) — a multi-week conference.

The term "resiliency" is perplexing to other cultures, especially when the term is not easily translated from English to their native tongue. Participants were curious how they could inhabit and/or cultivate the concept of resiliency within their own framework of country, culture, and faith. They were seeking a definition of resiliency and how it can be applied to their life and business, so we brainstormed together and developed a working definition of those who are resilient. Resilient people:
  • cope well,
  • sustain good health and energy,
  • bounce back easily,
  • overcome challenges, and
  • work in new ways.

All of the action words above are responses to any given action. These essential skills are demonstrated in every language, every culture, and every country.

To me, resiliency is a person's thoughtful response to every action and word spoken. Your response to any given situation, whether in life or in business, is your choice. Your choice is the picture of your soul. While responding in some way is universal, choosing how you respond is determined by you. Your response can be a quick, instinctual reaction or one that takes on a more delayed, adaptive thought process weighing different emotions that may come to you to determine the best way to respond.

Making new connections enriches me, especially with remarkable people of different cultures and experiences. Participants from the cultures and countries of Germany, the Middle East, Japan, and elsewhere participated in the one-day workshop. Along with the resources and examples we provided, they valued the group discussions during the day that allowed deeper connections with other participants.

We would also like to pass along our sincere condolences to the family of Kathy Berggren of Cornell University who attended our July workshop. She passed away unexpectedly before retuning home to Ithaca, New York. Kathy was an active participant in our session and eager to learn more about resiliency. Her spirit will be missed.

~ Molly Siebert, Director, Al Siebert Resiliency Center
"My life sings of connections with life, spirit and you!"

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