Fall 2015 - Sharing One Skin and Big Magic

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Happy Fall Everyone,

To conclude my Native American focus from the last newsletter , I wanted provide a link to an article I received and really enjoyed right after we published our previous edition. I attended a day excursion to Celilo Falls on the Columbia River (now underwater due to the The Dalles Dam between Oregon and Washington) with a small group led by David Osborn of Wapato Valley School. He provided several articles related to the Columbia River and how progress has impacted the river as well as a way of life for Native Americans and others. One article I particularly liked is called " Community: Sharing One Skin " by Jeannette Armstrong (Okanagan), Director of the En'owkin Centre in British Columbia, that speaks eloquently to the relationship of the Natives to the Columbia River from a Native perspective. I truly enjoyed the article.

We have a surprise for you in this newsletter from Glen Fahs, PhD. Those who know Glen are very familiar with his sense of humor. We hope you enjoy it.

Regarding my thoughts and review of Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear , I was impressed with her frankness related to having fear and how she embraces fear. Throughout the book, she provides a perspective in the development of a strong sense of self for creative and artistic people who singularly follow their pursuit of their dreams or perhaps driven to pursue their artistic endeavor no matter what. I liked her question, "Do you have the perspective to appreciate the value of your own joy?"

In the chapter called "Persistence," I was particularly taken with her vow to write forever regardless of the result. To me this was establishing her sense of purpose and existence. She knew what she wanted to do. It is a sheer delight to watch people who have always known what their purpose in life is and their lives unfold according to that purpose. Their joy is contagious and a marvel to watch in action. Al Siebert was such a person with his work on resiliency.

I also appreciate, once again, the validation of Al Siebert's research related to The Survivor Personality . She describes several elements and attributes for resiliency and for a survivor personality. I focused only on one in particular in my review. Her book is a quick and enjoyable read.

With warm regards,

Molly Siebert, Director, Al Siebert Resiliency Center "
"My life sings of connections with life, spirit and you!"

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