Summer 2015 - Resiliency in Native American and Immigrant Families

20 Aug 2015 18:35 - 20 Aug 2015 18:54 #23 by Molly
Molly created the topic: Summer 2015 - Resiliency in Native American and Immigrant Families
One benefit of holding a smaller-group Resiliency workshop like the one we just completed at Reed College, is that connections can be made from shared common experiences and feelings not ordinarily discussed in the typical workshop or continuing education program. We're able to adjust the agenda to explore what the participants are seeking and working through in their individual life journey whether it be personal or business related. One journey that touched me this year was from a Native American perspective.

That, in addition to the article we shared last edition (" Native American Resilience " by Tawna Skousen), prompted me to read and write a review of a research book called Resiliency in Native American and Immigrant Families (Sage Publications, Eds: McCubbin, Thompson, Thompson and Fromer). The book emphasizes "why families succeed when, for all practical purposes, they might fail or falter." My review is attempt to provide a summary of the Native American perspective on Relational Worldview Model and the major concepts of the research.

For specifics, I would highly recommend getting this book. It is both informative and significant. Other populations included in the book's research are native Hawaiians, and Asian and Latino/Hispanic immigrant Americans. It also speaks to research on adolescent mothers and those families who have family members with disabilities.

I would very much like to pique your interest in buying the book to see their "Adaptation Phase of the Resiliency Model of Family Stress, Adjustment and Adaptation and the Relational Processes of Balance and Harmony" diagram that is on page 13. It is worth buying the book for that alone.

The research presented in the book establishes the mechanisms -- the culture, family constructs and their relational view of the natural forces -- that "families of color" have within them that will enable them to endure, survive, and thrive.

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