Does the word BREAKDOWN scare you?

20 Dec 2019 10:33 - 20 Dec 2019 13:01 #50 by Moderator
Moderator created the topic: Does the word BREAKDOWN scare you?
Being lowered down into a deep, dark mine. You're going down.
There is an interruption of "The way things are." You can't see where you're going! It's frightening and mysterious.
What are you going to discover in this darkness?
Your psyche is roaring with resistance! Everything is coming apart.
Yet as you descend, within the deepest darkness, you notice what appears to be the glimmer of DIAMONDS.
Each magnificent, sparkling gem begins to speak to you. What does it say? Can you see the light that each one shines upon your darkness? Let us know your experience below.

This edition's research question draws from Michelle Atlas' article From Darkness to Diamonds and her upcoming short class Learning to Shine .

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