The Power of Resilience - July 19, 2014

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The Power of Resilience:
How Leaders Across Diverse Cultures Successfully Navigate Change

Michelle Atlas, Glen Fahs, PhD, and Bill Swift

One-Day Conference, Saturday, July 19, 2014
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Join us in Beautiful Portland, Oregon, on the Reed College campus

With organizations bringing together many cultures in their work sites locally and around the globe, there is a conflict between creating an identity and respecting differences. Fundamental to leadership in any culture is resiliency-an attitude that our reactions to circumstances can be skillfully managed-and that making the best from the worst is essential for the success of the individual, team and society. The courage to bounce back from the toughest challenges life delivers is a choice that can be learned and there are skills that can be developed. Focusing on the work of Dr. Al Siebert, the Resiliency Center team will involve you in assessing how you handle disruptive change and loss, and important differences individually or collectively.

Designed For:
Change agents, consultants, facilitators, leaders, and negotiators who want to master disruptive change and loss with in-depth resiliency application and skills.

  • Understand the five levels of resiliency and the factors affecting workforce resiliency
  • Learn the eight principles of resiliency and their daily application
  • Identify skills for high level of resiliency
  • Demonstrate skills to master major resiliency challenges

Learning Activities:
  • Clarify the meaning of resiliency in our lives, our societies and our organizations
  • Discover the essentials of cultural context resiliency in the High-Low Cultural Context assessment
  • Explore the five levels of resiliency, including self-assessment
  • Discuss case studies of and personal experiences with people who have overcome obstacles that would overwhelm most
  • Specify practical ways to create a spirit of resiliency amid disruptive change
  • Explore how to invite others into resilient thinking and behaving

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